Lizzy Mooney

I'm inspired by the elements earth, air, fire and water; their interactions with each other, the clashes and collaborations with the manmade world and works are about their role in my exploration of the unity between spirit and matter.

My choice of materials is often key to understanding the focus of works; how materials are gathered and prepared can itself change initial desired outcomes. For example using hand tools when working with green wood enables me to either clash or collaborate with the material, to inflict my desire or to feel the true nature of the piece.

In my view everything is connected and I make as an intuitive and spontaneous response to the world around me. If away from the workshop for a long stretch often my hands get itchy and my fingers wiggle without me realising; something is ready to pop out. I make both as an experience or process and I create to experience outcomes myself as much as for others.

Back to the land The Penquoit Centre, Pembrokeshire October 2014
Eat Art The Old Bakery, Devon July 2014
Joint Show Burwash Art, Cambridge May 2014
The Mix Burwash Art, Cambridge December 2013 
Celebrate the land The Penquoit Centre, Pembrokeshire, November 2013
The Elements Collection The Pavillion, Cambridge September 2013

CAREER HISTORY Creative services and events provision
ARTIST IN RESIDENCE October 2014, Penquoit Centre, Wales
ARTIST IN RESIDENCE Sept 2013 to Nov 2013, Penquoit Centre 
ARTS FACILITATOR August 2013, Dance Camp
WORKSHOP LEADER (in schools) May 2013, Roald Dahl Festival, Buckinghamshire  
ARTS FACILITATOR August 2013, Dance Camp Wales  
ARTS FACILITATOR May 2012, Wychwood Festival  

CAREER HISTORY Arts education
ROVING AMBASSADOR May 2013 to Present, The Roald Dahl Museum, Buckinghamshire 
LEARNING COORDINATOR May 2010 to May 2013, The Strawberry Hill Trust, Twickenham    
Sept 2009 to May 2010, The Roald Dahl Museum, Buckinghamshire
HEAD OF DEPARTMENT Sept 2005 to Jan 2007, The British School of Paris
TEACHER TRAINER Jan 2004 to March 2004, The Sparrow Trust Schools, Johannesburg 
TEACHER OF DESIGN AND TECHNOLOGY Sept 2001 to Jan 2004                                                            

PGCE Design & Technology College of St Mark and St John, Plymouth June 2002
BA (Hons)
Graphic Design Camberwell School of Art, London June 1999
BTech ND Graphic Design
Plymouth College of Art and Design June 1996